Six Great Clinics Are Planned for the Spree!

Three clinics will be held on Friday and three on Saturday. Specific days and times are shown in the pdf file at the bottom of the page.

  • American Flyer Post-War Reversing UnitsPresenter – Larry Stroup.  Pittsburgh S-Gaugers

  • Installing Battery Power Radio Control in 3/16″ Scale LocomotivesPresenter – Robert South.  Pittsburgh S-Gaugers

  • Last Link of George Gould’s Transcontinental DreamThe Pittsburgh & West Virginia Railway and modeling it in S ScalePresenter – R. James Whipple.  Pittsburgh S-Gaugers

  • Railroading Then and Now
    A look at railroading through the eyes of an old head who was there!Presenter – Gary Carmichael.  Pittsburgh S-Gaugers

  • Investigating Gilbert Mysteries: 1938 to 1967Why does my Flyer tank car have those strange holes at the four ends of the frame? And more!
    Presenter – Chuck Fonda. Cuyahoga Valley S Gauge Association

  • Using LED Lighting to Make your Trains and Layout ShinePresenter – Christopher Eddy.  Pittsburgh S-Gaugers

2022 Spree Clinics 5-7-22 Update