Member Layouts

Current contents:

1. A simple 4′ x 8′ American Flyer Switching Layout

2. A complex 10′ x 21′ J-Shaped Hi-Rail Layout

3. A basic 4′ x 8′ Starter Layout


Member Layout 1 – American Flyer Switching Layout

A simple 4′ x 8′ layout with wooden structure and 2″ foam sheeting. Use of original American Flyer tubular track, switches and uncouplers. Two main loops with sidings to service original Flyer and repro accessories.

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Member Layout 2 – Complex Hi-Rail Layout

An extremely sophisticated medium-sized layout that includes lots of accessories, buildings, vehicles, people and interesting scenery. A unique system creates a realistic look for the trackwork, which primarily utilizes traditional Gilbert American Flyer tubular track.

Layout Specifications

Description:  10’x21’ “J” shaped layout with one main loop with three turnouts, six sidings and an elevated loop.

Name and Period Modeled:  S gauge late 60’s and early 70’s layout.

Dimensions: 10 x 21 feet.

Track:  American Flyer tubular enhanced.

Switches:  American Flyer and GarGraves.

Motive Power:  American Flyer.

Rolling Stock:  American Flyer.

Control:  American Flyer 18B and 1-1/2 transformers.

Accessories:  American Flyer and Aurora.

Structures:  Plasticville, B.T.S., Scale University, Scratch Built.

Vehicles:  M2 Machines, GreenLight Collectibles, Diecast Promotions, First Gear, Hot Wheels, Winross, Ertl, American Highway Legends.

Figures:  Arttista, Metal Figures, Prelaer.

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The ties were made from 3/16″ lattice boards that were ripped into 3/16″ strips and then cut into 2″ lengths. These were then stained black and glued under the AF tracks. Ballast was then added.


Member Layout 3 – A  4′ x 8′ Starter Layout

A new layout in the early stages of construction, not unlike the layouts many of us probably had when we were young kids. We’ll be sure to provide updates as the work progresses in the months to come!

Layout Specifications

Name and Period Modeled:  None in particular, since consists are 40s to present.

Dimensions:  4’ x 8’ simple – two ovals.

Track:  S Helper S Trax.

Switches:  None at this time.

Motive Power:  American Flyer steamers, American Models and S Helper diesels.

Rolling Stock:  AF, AM, SHS.

Control:  MRC AC and DC power packs.

Accessories:  Gilbert AF oil drum loader, billboard whistle (circus ad), Lionel fuel station

Structures:  Plasticville

Vehicles:  None at this time.

Figures:  None at this time.

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