New Club Hi-Rail Layout

The second club Hi-Rail layout is approximately 9′ x 17′ and features a wide variety of accessories to please train lovers of all ages! The new layout made its debut at the Spring S Spree held in Marion, Ohio in May, 2014. Numerous additions and improvements have been made to the layout each year ever since.

One end of the layout features a diorama section that is periodically updated. The original section which is shown in the video below, had a Plasticville village with an operating streetcar. More recently, a siding off the mainline has been added to provide a location for a circus train to be parked next to a circus with operating Ferris wheel and Merry-Go-Round. Beginning with the November 2018 Greenberg’s Great Train and Toy show, the layout included a winter diorama with the Polar Express Christmas train on the siding. Periodically the circus train and the Polar Express take a few loops on the outer mainline tracks! These sections have been updated each season since the original streetcar village was displayed.

Circus 2 2018Circus 1 2018

The YouTube video below was taken at the Greenberg’s Train and Toy Show on Sunday, November 13, 2016. Also see photos below.

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